When Utiligroup – a leading provider of solutions to the uitility and energy industry – decided to relocate to new offices Independent Telephone ServicesLtd was picked as the prefferred provider of datacomms infrastructure within the new build.

Due to the requiremnt for good bandwidth to its staff over 3 floors  options included CAT5e ( dismissed as not being fit for the main data desks )  CAT6 and FTTD ( Fibre To The Desktop ).

A decison to use FTTD was made due its future proofing in relation to bandwidth requirements but just as important it cost saving relation when compared to Cat6.

With tradition CAT6 installations there are several important factors to take into account, space, cable and end point costs as well as speed of delivery.

With approx 200 data desks, which would have required a minimum of 2 points each, and another 110 CAT5e points for items such as printers, WiFi, access unit etc the physical amount and size of the cabling form would have required far more room than was available. So FTTD was put forward as an option and was agreed upon.

Each desk pod ( 6 – 8 people ) would be fed by a 4 core Fibre, at each desk pod end a Fibre switch, with RJ45 / POE outputs which would feed individual desks. Using fibre core switches at the comms end the terminated fibres were then connected into the network.

The reduction in ‘ cabling ‘, more bandwidth and future proofing as well as cost savings made the FTTD the way forward for this future thinking and moving company.


With over 200 desk seats, each with a requirement of 2 cables the

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